About the faculty

Public health has been defined as the art and science of promoting and protecting good health, preventing illness, disability, and premature death, restoring good health when impaired by disease or injury, and improving quality of life .

The mission of the faculty of public health is to advance public health knowledge, promote health and well-being and prevent disease and disabilities within communities in Lebanon and the Arab world in general. The faculty strives to accomplish this mission through excellence in education, fostering research opportunities and service to communities through collaborative partnerships. The faculty is comprised of three departments: environmental and occupational health (EOH), nursing (NUR), and nutrition and dietetics (NUT).

Faculty goals

Provide an academic environment for public health education, research and practice

Educate individuals through an academic program that prepares graduates to identify, address, and resolve public health issues and manage public health programs in diverse settings

Disseminate and interpret research results to advance the health of the communities through collaborative public health approaches to health promotion and disease prevention and intervention.